SP komfort

SP komfort VEKA (stumdomos, sliding doors) - Unique soft-close mechanism and night ventilation

The ATRIUM® SP komfort is distinguished by its unique soft-close mechanism and night ventilation facility. One turn of the handle is all that is needed to unlock, open and move the sash with perfect ease.

The expended energy is stored and used to pull the sash automatically back into the frame after it has been closed by hand - as easy as ABC, similar to a drawer. The all-around night ventilation feature provides for draught-free, consistent and natural ventilation that helps prevent the growth of mould. Turning the handle 180° will set down the sash approx. 6 mm parallel to the frame. When set to this position, the window will remain secured by the locking system. This allows you to conveniently ventilate your rooms even if you are not at home. The ATRIUM® SP komfort comes with bogies and a stay system that are designed for highly heat-insulated window systems.

  • Soft-close mechanism (without tilt position)
  • Opening width up to 125 mm
  • Max. sash weight up to 200 kg
  • Frame clearance 35 mm from underside of bottom track
  • Night ventilation
  • can be equipped up to burglar resistance class RC 2


Max. product width max. 3 m2
Max sash weight
max. 200 kg
Sash width
max. 1,50 m
Sash height
max. 2,40 m
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Profile systems

Sofline 70 AD, Sofline 82 MD profiles